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​​​Kinzie's Closet is the best online source for figure skates, ice skates, kids skates, kids skating shoes,  figure skating blades, ice skating blades, figure skating apparel, ice skating apparel, figure skating accessories, ice skating accessories, cheerleading apparel, cheerleading shoes, dance apparel & gymnastics apparel.  We sell top quality brands like Riedell, Jackson, Edea, SP-Teri, Risport, Harlick, MK, Wilson, Paramount, Eclipse, Ultima, Nfinity, ES Performance, ChloeNoel, Mondor and more. 

Riedell skates have been a favorite by coaches for a long time.  The Riedell 14 Pearl ice skates, the Riedell 19 Emerald ice skates & the Riedell 33 Diamond ice skates are all great beginner ice skates for kids.  The Riedell 223 Stride figure skates & Riedell 229 Edge figure skates are great figure skates for intermediate figure skaters.  The Riedell 435 Bronze star figure skating boots & Riedell Vega figure skating boots are for intermediate skaters who are advancing in the jumps to double jumps.  The Riedell 875 Silver Star figure skating boots, the Riedell 1374 Gold Star figure skating boots &  the Riedell 3030 Aria figure skating boots and Riedell Elara are for elite skaters who are doing double and triple jumps. 

Jackson figure skates are also a favorite beginner ice skate by coaches.  The Jackson JS1490 Mystique ice skates, the Jackson JS1790 Artiste ice skates, & the Jackson fsJ2130 Elle fusion are great beginner kids skates and beginner adults.  The  Jackson fs2190 Freestyle fusion figure skates &  Jackson Entre figure skating boots are for intermediate skaters who are advancing in their skills.  The Jackson FS2450 debut  fusion  figure skating boots are for more advanced intermediate skaters who are working on their axel jumps.  The Jackson fs2800 Premier fusion  figure skating boots are for skaters who want need more aggressive figure skating boots for double jumps.  The Jackson DJ5200 Elite figure skating boots and the DJ5400 Supreme figure skating boots are lightweight figure skating boots to help elite skaters jump higher.  

Edea figure skating boots are the top choice among figure skaters all over the world.  The Edea Motivo & Edea Overture are great figure skating boots for beginner skaters. The Edea Chorus, Edea Concerto are for intermediate skaters trying to advance their skills.  The Edea Ice Fly & Edea Piano are for advanced skaters doing double and triple jumps.  From kids skates to advanced adult skaters, Edea has a figure skating boot for your skating skills.

Need a custom figure skating boot?  Then Sp-Teri or Harlick would be a good choice.  Both of these skating brands have been around for decades and have made skates for World and Olympic skaters.

The MK figure skating blades and the Wilson Figure skating blades are well known blades that have been worn by champions for decades.  The Wilson Coronation Ace figure skating blade and the MK Professional figure skating blade are intermediate figure skating blades recommended by coaches for skaters learning single and double jumps.  The Wilson Pattern 99 figure skating blades and the MK Phantom figure skating blades are recommended for advanced skaters doing double jumps.  The MK Gold Star figure skating blades and the Wilson Gold Seal figure skating blades are recommended for skaters doing triple and quad jumps. 

The Paramount 440SS figure skating blades and the Paramount 420SS figure skating blades are also high quality blades but because they are made in the us, they are less expensive than the competitor.  Paramount figure skating blades are also lightweight and made with a stainless steel runner.  The Paramount 12" profile blades are similar to the Gold Seal skating blades.  The Paramount 440SS 17" profile figure skating blades are made similar to the Phantom skating blades.  The Paramount 440SS 27" profile are similar to the Pattern 99 skating blades. 

The Eclipse figure skating blades are made with high quality material.  The Eclipse Aurora figure skating blade is similar to the Coronation Ace figure skating blade.  It is made with stainless steel and a 7' rocker.  The Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium is made similar to the Gold Seal and is made with a lightweight titanium and stainless steel runner.  The Eclipse Infinity Titanium figure skating blades are similar toe the Wilson Pattern 99 figure skating blades and are also made with titanium to be lightweight. 

If your looking for skating apparel, Mondor tights are the tights of choice.  Made from top quality nylon, Mondor tights are durable and wash well.  The Mondor 3337 Evolution footed tights and the Mondor 3338 Evolution over the boot tights are the choice tights for competition.  The Mondor 3345 footed tights and the Mondor 3345 over the boot tights have a soft knit waist.  The Mondor 3301 footed tights and the Mondor 3302 over the boot tights are made from Bamboo.  These are perfect tights for people who have allergies.  The Mondor 3393 tights are footless and the Mondor 3395 footed tights are great for practice.  They are thick and will keep you warm.  Mondor also makes some great figure skating dresses and figure skating jackets.

If you are looking for skating apparel, ChloeNoel, IceFire Skatewear and ES Performance make some great ice skating pants, ice skating tops and ice skating jackets.  The ChloeNoel P06 spiral figure skating pants have been the most popular for years.  The ChloeNoel figure skating jackets are durable and are used by teams. IceFire Skatewear figure skating pants have great crystal designs.  You can also get a an Icefire Skatewear figure skating jackets to match.  The ES Performance figure skating jacket and pants can be used for other sports in addition to figure skating.  The ES Performance capri's and tanks are great for cheerleading, yoga, running and other sports that need comfortable clothing.  If you are looking for a competition figure skating dress or practice ice skating dress, then Mondor, Jerry's and ChloeNoel make high quality figure skating dresses as well as mens' figure skating apparel. 

We also carry a great selection of figure skating accessories.  Figure skating guards, soakers, skate bags, and protective padding are necessities.  The Rockerz figure skate guards are very popular.  Guardog ice skate guards are also popular and are even scented.  Furry Soakers are a fluffy version of figure skate soakers, but you can also get skate blade covers in plain terry to help soak up the moisture after skating.  Silver Lining makes padded figure skate capris and padded skate shorts.  They protect skaters from falls while practicing jumps. Don't forget your skating bag.  A good quality ice skate bag will carry all your stuff.  Kinzie's Closet has a great selection of figure skating bags like Zuca, Transpak, and Kiss n'Cry.

We have a great selection of dancewear, dance costumes and gymnastics apparel.  Dance leotards by balera and weissmans will provide you the basics for dance class while being affordable.  Holiday dance costumes will provide sparkle and delight for your patriotic dance program or christmas program.  Holiday dance costumes can be used for holiday skating programs as well.  Red figure skating dresses are a must have during the Christmas season. Mondor makes some great gymnastics leotards. Their gymnastics leotards are durable, wash well and last a long time.

Nfinity is the number one choice of cheerleaders for cheer apparel.  The Nfinity Flyte cheerleading shoe, the Nfinity Evoltution cheer shoe, the Nfinity Vengeance cheer shoes and the Nfinity Beast cheer shoes are all the choice of coaches.  The Nfinity backpack is a popular backpack among cheerleaders.  The Nfinity sparkle backpack and the Nfinity princess backpack are favorites among cheerleaders worldwide.  Nfinity also makes cheer apparel that matches your cheer teams colors.  You will be super comfortable in the Nfinity cheer shorts, cheer tops and cheer pants.  We also carry great cheer shorts from Mondor.  We have the cheer shorts with a 1.5" inseam and cheer shorts with a 5" inseam for cheerleaders who like more coverage.  Mondor also makes durable and soft sports bras.  You can't have too many sports bra's in your wardrobe to get you through cheer practice or whatever sport you participate in.

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